Easter Picnic Cheesecakes

So Easter was a wash with frantic cooking and entertaining, breakfast on Saturday with friends, homemade baked beans, corn fritters, maple glazed bacon and pancakes.  Sunday picnic with Lindy and the kids at botanical gardens, rice salad, achar (malaysian picked vegetables), gluten free pot sticker dumplings with pastry Lindy made from scratch (she made it look easy) and fragrant honey quince cheesecakes.  Monday lunch with mum and dad, brined chicken fried with spices, mussels with a tomato and XO sauce and hot bread to soak up the juices.  Need to have a good lie down and let my stomach rest ! More recipes to come later this week.

Quince Cheesecakes

Base – 1 packet of gluten free shortbread (or home-made if you have the time) – crushed and add 100g melted butter, mix and divide into containers, place in fridge to set.

Filling – 200g cream cheese, 200g of mascarpone, 1/2 cup caster sugar, combine these in food processor till smooth, add container 400g of condensed milk and the juice of a lime and a lemon.  Pour into equal amounts into your containers.

Fruit Topping – Half 3 quinces, put a drizzle of light maunka honey in centre of each quince, add enough water to just cover the quinces, cook for 2 hours or until tender.  Cool, slice and top the filling with the quinces.





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