What doesn’t taste good with Bacon

This week has been incredibly busy, today was no exception, a busy day full of running around after the kids, 36km ride and moving furniture was quite exhausting.  6.30pm came before I knew it and the quickest dish to replenish the lack of carbohydrates was a quick meal of penne, bacon, sausages and tomato.  The thick glossy sauce infused with a smoky hint of capsicum is a great way to get some ‘hidden’ vegetables into a meal and variety from the normal meatball and spaghetti meal we often eat.  Bacon of course helps give a final background flavour, and what food doesn’t taste good with bacon after all.   Finished in the 12mins it took to cook the penne, you can’t ask for much more, although I have requested a glass of hot milk to help me sleep….


2 thoughts on “What doesn’t taste good with Bacon

  1. You won’t believe this, but I made a similar dish for the family’s lunch today, sometime between getting home from the shops and heading off to a baby shower! I used smoked sausage but I like the idea of “meatballs” in yours 🙂

    1. That’s pretty funny Martyna, it has to be one of the quickest family meals, the smokiness of your version sounds great, going shopping soon and will pick some up 🙂

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