MUMU and Photography Workshop

This weekend I had the privilege to go to a photography workshop run by Billy Law – masterchef, table for two blogger. It was fantastic, loads of tips and tricks and hopefully better photos once I get used to the new methods and editing software. Met some fellow bloggers some of whom I already follow – Wholesome Cook, Screaming Artichoke and One Small Spoon bloggers, who all do amazing photography and I was a bit in awe surrounded by such talent, also Evan who has been the Australian Navy Photographer for the last 11 years, who showed me his portfolio and I was blown away. Thanks Billy for the inspirational day !


3 thoughts on “MUMU and Photography Workshop

  1. Justine, it was a pleasure meeting you too and thank you for your lovely comments. I browsed through your own posts and your photos are very delicious – love the quirky blog design too. Looking forward to seeing what you’ll come up with next!

    1. Thanks Martyna, loved the Guinness bread post, especially all the detailed shots and great props! Good luck with the recipe development and hope to keep in touch 🙂

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